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Steven Myers

Address 361 N. Folsom St
City Coquille
Prov/State Oregon
Country United States of America
Postal Code 97534
Telephone # 541-824-0032
Facsimile # 815-366-8992
Profession Author/Researcher
Publisher of Books Createspace
Authored Lost Technologies of the Great Pyramid

Author, lecturer and independent researcher, Steven Myers has studied the Great Pyramid for over twenty years to understand how this ancient wonder of the world was built and why. His research included traveling to Egypt to conduct extensive on-site research at the Giza Plateau.

Steven Myers has written numerous magazine articles and given many lectures on the subject of the Great Pyramid. Compiling his research into the book called, Lost Technologies of the Great Pyramid, Steven Myers has provide a comprehensive and detailed explanation of how the Great Pyramid was built. He contends that advanced technologies were used to build the Great Pyramid.

He has also founded a non-profit foundation dedicated in understanding how and why the Great Pyramid was built. The mission of this foundation is to redevelop these ancient but advanced technologies to help our modern but troubled world. The foundation's web site is at:

Steven Myers lives in southwestern Oregon with his wife and two dogs.

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