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Tara Greene

Address 2 Dundas Street East
City Toronto
Prov/State Ontario
Country Canada
Postal Code M4L 1M3
Telephone # 416 461 1999
Facsimile # 416 461 1999
Cell # 416 953 6961
Facebook tara tarot greene
Twitter 6thsensemoment
Profession Tarot Card Reader since 1991, Intuitive Councillor, psychic, Astrologer, dream worker, Shamanic healer, Transformational Psychotherapist 1993; women's spirituality workshop & ceremonial leader since 1989; Numerologist, energy healer
Career Transformational Psychotherapist, Dream work, writer, spirituality coach using Tarot, Astrology, Numerology. Writer, teacher, workshop leader, women's spirituality coach and leader.
Expertise Working as a professional Ceremonialist, Astrologer, Women's workshop leader since 1989. I have personally consulted the Tarot and Astrology for over 22,000 people. Tarot Consultant professional Certified in 1991. I was born psychic and my background is Romanian Gypsy Heritage.

- Diploma in Transformational Psychotherapy 1993, Lifespace Institute, Toronto
- Certified Tarot reader, Hermetic Institute, Toronto 1990
- Ontario College of Art & Design, Honours Graduate 1975
- Apprentice of Oriah Mountain Dreamer 1991 Dream Star Lodge Toronto

Degree(s) O.C.A.D.

Shamanic Sisterhoods, Dream Star Lodge

Media Credits

TVO Imprint on a panel about Dreams 1993;

CTV Crystal Ball 2001, Interview and live tarot readings

CFRB "Mind Shift" 2003-2005; regular monthly guest, interviews and phone in calls

X-zone radio 2006 -present; The X Zone's Official Tarot Card Reader
Tara has a regular monthly phone in Live Tarot Card reading show as well as being interviewed on the xzone and giving her predictions for 2010.

Toronto Sun- INTERVIEWS BY MIKE STROBEL Toronto Sun columnist
2004 Election outcome. Academy Awards Predictions 2007,
New Years Predictions: 2010, 2009,2008, 2007

Publisher of Books In the works

Many diverse metaphysical articles and regular Astrology updates - see website, authors den, wordpress, eblogger

Merchandise CD's in the works; photographs, prints, elixirs, ebooks, guided meditations, mp3

O.C.A. D. Scholarship


Tara Greene has advised and helped 22,000 individuals from all walks of life, world wide with her enlightening Intuitive insights, compassion and clarity. She is honest forthright, and inspirational in all her readings.

Tara was born with a very powerful 6th sense. Tara is clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient. Tara has always experienced psychic visions and dreams of the future. What others term "other worldly" miraculous, paranormal, Tara considers to be normal.

Tara has apprenticed with Native American And Peruvian shamans. Tara is a Certified Tarot Reader, Astrologer and Numerologist; dream Worker, Transformational Psychotherapist, workshop presenter, writer, women's spirituality and ceremonial leader.

Tara is a pioneer in bringing Tarot readings to corporate events, and private parties.

Is always in demand, appearing in unique costumes and hats with an array of glittering crystals at hundreds of Fortune 500 Company events, holiday parties, stagettes etc. each year. Tara garners rave true testimonials wherever she goes.

Tara's predictions have been published in the news and proven accurate. Tara can be heard doing live psychic readings and interviews at the xzone as well as other radio networks and shows over the past five years.

Tara divines through the use of the Tarot symbols, the Stars, tealeaves, and crystals, using her Psychic Powers, Intuition and Angelic healing energies.

Tara presently lives in Toronto with her husband, well known artist, Napoleon Brousseau, and their daughter Leah. Their eclectic home is shared with Gala the cat, Sunny the Pavarotti of canaries and various other small pets. Tara's son Elijah is traveling the world.

Tara writes extensively about Astrology, metaphysics, dreams, world politics and muses on world affairs on her own website as well as for other sites on the web.

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