William S Peckham

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Name William S Peckham
City Kelowna
Prov/State British Columbia
Country Canada
Profession Broadcaster / Writer
Career Retired
Expertise Writing
Media Credits Host/writer television series Don't Move Improve, newspaper columnist, radio show host
Publisher of Books REL-MAR McConnell Media Company, Hamilton ON
Authored From Out of the Woodwork-mystery novel, Never Hang Wallpaper With Your Wife-home improvement, While You're Waiting-collection of short stories.
Merchandise The good luck eye bracelets and necklaces.
Awards Helping people around the globe and giving the money from lectures to children.

Twenty years in the retail lumber business. Thirty years as host of a DIY call-in radio show in Ontario, host/writer of TV show Don't Move Improve and author of many short stories, a non-fiction DIY book and author of a fiction novel, From Out of the Woodwork. Started writing at age seventy-two and published first fiction novel at eighty-two.

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